Josh Farler Foundation

2016 Recipients



 The following people recieved assistance through the Josh Farler Transportation fund.

Comprehensive Blood & Cancer Center

First Name Diagnosis                             First Name Diagnosis
Aguil Rectal Cancer Luis Non-Hodgkins Lymphona
Alex Cancer Lydia Cancer
Anne Breast Cancer Margaret Angiosacroma
Beldin Hodgkins Lymphoma Maria Breast Cancer
Candelaria Breast Cancer Maria Thyroid Cancer
Candelaria Breast Cancer Maria Breast Cancer
Christina Breast Cancer Mario Liver Cancer
Curtis Cancer Mary Ovarian Cancer
Darrell Prostate Cancer Michaele Renal Cell Carcinoma
Divina Breast Cancer Olga Liver Cancer
Edward Laryngeal Cancer Olma Rhambomysarcoma
Elia Breast Cancer Oralia Breast Cancer
Flor Glioblastoma Randy Esoph. Cancer
Francisca Cancer Relles Prostate Cancer
Gustavo Colon Cancer Richard Throat Cancer
Henry Cancer Rosendo APL Leukimia
Hugo Colon CA Ruben Liver Cancer
James Prostate Cancer Scharline non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
James Rectal Carcoma Stan Skin Cancer
James Cancer Teodora Breast Cancer
James Prostate Cancer Teresa Rectal Cancer
Jesus Osteosarcoma Theresa Breast Cancer
John Multiple Malanoma Tina Cancer
Judith Lung Cancer Vernon Melanoma
Lednor Cancer Vicki Carcinoma
Lucy Hodgkins Lymphoma Zakoyia Breast Cancer



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