Josh Farler Foundation

Chavez / Lozano

Dear Friends, Feb. 11, 2012

The family and friends of Josh Farler wish to thank you, once again, for your generosity and support. The 7th Annual Josh Farler Fight against Cancer, Texas Holdíem Poker Tournament was held at the Johnny Michelson Hall on Meany Ave., (Thanks again to the Local #460) we had the best one ever. Even though the attendance was down, the poker players were great. We added a couple of new twists this year. Two new pot games and our î JAIL.î We had a total of 48 players who fought long and hard for the $1000.00 first place. The winner was Scot Boardman, whose name will join 6 other awesome poker players, on our perpetual plaque. WAY TO GO Scott!! Every one that made the final table of 9 won a very nice prize, all donated by our wonderful sponsors.

We are very proud to share with you an accounting of this 2011 event. The grand total of all donations received from this yearís event was $15,000.00. Please check out our new web site, (now to see a list of all our generous sponsors. Without you we could not help the people who are struggling with cancer.

This year we were able to help two families in Kern County.


Christopher Chavez, age 2, who was diagnosed in April 2011 with Neuroblastoma. This is a malignant tumor that develops from nerve tissue, most commonly diagnosed in children before age 5. He was treated with Chemotherapy, radiation, stem cell, transfusions and surgery in Madera, San Francisco and Los Angeles. We presented Christopherís family a check, at the CBCC center, for $10,000.00. Fernando Lozano, a 23 year old Father of 2 children. Fernando was diagnosed with testicular cancer, the same as Josh. He underwent a 10 hour surgery to remove numerous tumors in his abdomen. They also removed a huge tumor on his neck and armpits. Fernando has medical insurance but they needed help with everyday expenses. We presented a check for $5000.00 to Fernando and his family.



We are so pleased, with your help, to have been able to help two families this year.

We do this in memory of Josh.

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