Josh Farler Foundation

Introducing the Josh Farler Foundation Sustaining Membership program.



Learn how your small donations can be used to help a lot of people in the Kern County community.


Making a small automated contribution to the Josh Farler Foundation (JFF) is now even easier by selecting a Subscription.  


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Subscribers are just that - individuals who are willing to help without breaking the bank.  Donations at this level typically make the following types of activities possible:

  • Provide fuel for 6 round trip treatments in the local area
  • Allows for 2 round trip treatment sessions for patients from outlaying areas.

Trend Setters

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 Subscribers who can give a little more  Their outreach supports some of the following:

  • An extended visit to out of town treatment facilities (IE: UCLA, USC)
  • Treatment visits for patients without personal vehicles
  • Overnight treatment stays for outlaying patients

Game Changers test

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Subscribers who dig a little deeper in order to make a bigger difference and receive not only our deepest thanks their generosity provides :

  • Multiple trips to out of town facilities
  • Fuel for a typical patient for a year




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