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Introducing the Josh Farler Foundation Sustaining Membership program.



Learn how your small donations can be used to help a lot of people in the Kern County community.


Making a small automated contribution to the Josh Farler Foundation (JFF) is now even easier by selecting a Subscription.  


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Subscribers are just that - individuals who are willing to help without breaking the bank.  Donations at this level typically make the following types of activities possible:

  • Provide fuel for 6 round trip treatments in the local area
  • Allows for 2 round trip treatment sessions for patients from outlaying areas.

Trend Setters

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 Subscribers who can give a little more  Their outreach supports some of the following:

  • An extended visit to out of town treatment facilities (IE: UCLA, USC)
  • Treatment visits for patients without personal vehicles
  • Overnight treatment stays for outlaying patients

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Subscribers who dig a little deeper in order to make a bigger difference and receive not only our deepest thanks their generosity provides :

  • Multiple trips to out of town facilities
  • Fuel for a typical patient for a year



 Ernesto Maldonado
    Evaldez2  Ernesto Maldonado was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer on April 23, 2018.  He was treated at CBCC with weekly chemotherapy for six weeks and daily radiation.  On August 8th Ernesto underwent surgery at UCLA where they virtually reconstructed his entire esophagus.  The surgery was complicated and invasive and lasted 14 hours.  He remained at UCLA for 12 days after surgery.  It has been a long recovery but he is doing better.  They just took out his feeding tube and he is getting back to normal.   The Josh Farler Fund provided over $300 in gas cards for Ernesto's sister Lidia to be able to take him to UCLA for pre-op appointments and follow-up.  The fund also paid for Ernesto, Lidia and their mom to stay the night in a hotel before his surgery and three days into his recovery.  It was extremely important for Ernesto to have his family close by while he was in the ICU.  Their support helped pull him through.  Ernesto says, "You don't realize how important organizations like the Josh Farler Fund are until you are scared and helpless.  It felt good knowing that people from my community were willing to help me.  That support has given me the will to survive."  
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